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Corporate Binders
Does your company use customized binders effectively? A custom designed and manufactured corporate binder can add a unique and professional aspect to any presentation. Here are some of the ways in which your company may be able to use custom corporate binders:
  • Company Handbook. In most companies, each employee is expected to be familiar with and to consult the corporate handbook when necessary. This handbook will appear on the bookshelf in every employee's office, so it's a good idea to ensure that it is attractive and reflective of your company's mission and vision. A custom binder is a much better choice for this purpose than a bound book, since policies in any company evolve and change. This way, new policies can be sent to employees, who can easily update their manuals by substituting the new page for an obsolete one, or adding a new policy into the relevant section of the book.
  • Training Manuals. If your company is engaged in new employee training, it's a good idea to invest in durable custom binders. New hires' first experience of the company is often the training manual. Having a customized corporate binder demonstrates a level of professionalism that's important to instill in new employees. Again, new information can be easily added to the binders by those who do the training, and obsolete information can simply be removed.
Bids and Pitches
  • Bids. If your company is putting in a bid on a project, there may be a lot at stake. In today's uncertain economic climate, competition for projects is fierce, and the presentation of your bid may end up being almost as important as the information it contains. Presenting a professional image is important, but so is reflecting the unique nature of your company. Working with a business solutions company to develop a custom binder for a pitch is an investment, but one that will realize great dividends if it is effective. You may decide to go with a generic design that can be used for multiple bids, or you may create a binder especially for a specific bid.
  • Pitches. You may be making a pitch for new investors, or, in the case of a not-for-profit organization, you may be actively fundraising. In these situations, your customized company profile binder may serve as an introduction to your organization – so make sure that it makes a good first impression!
Workshops and Seminars
If your company conducts workshops or seminars for industry professionals, you can add great value to your presentations by offering participants a quality customized binder filled with resource materials.
For example, if your workshop focuses on first aid, a customized binder filled with how-to diagrams and reinforcement of what you teach might even help to save a life. If your seminar deals with the elements of graphic design for websites, a useful takeaway for participants would be a binder with examples of good design, and a list of web addresses with supporting information. If you conduct workshops for teachers who want to incorporate collective drama into their subject area, a binder filled with drama exercises or sample scripts could be a great asset for educators.
Customized binders can represent the unique vision of your company. Partner with a business solutions firm today!